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I've worked with photography news and reviews site Camera Jabber since their early days in 2017, helping them drive +136% in YoY organic visits through ongoing technical support and data-led content improvements.

Much our focus has been around optimising existing articles to generate relevant rich snippet results and drive CTR, such as answer boxes, star ratings and AMP carousel.

In tandem with their existing content, I've used historic trends and data to help Camera Jabber in their ongoing challenge to compete for newly released, or trending, products (where historic search volume isn't available).

Oli identifies issues before they become issues, meaning we can get ahead of any problems before they have an impact on our search performance. This period is obviously challenging for any business and everyone is looking closely at their budgets, but we deem Oli's work crucial to our ongoing operation. He's a vital asset, and we consider him part of the team.

- Jeff Meyer | Director, Camera Jabber

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